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As a designer, I love to get comments (and constructive criticism) on my patterns. It can totally make my day to see that notification pop up, and to read even the shortest of positive comments.

As a Raveler, I look almost-daily at the new patterns that have been listed and at the patterns my friends have queued or marked as favourites. I might pull up a dozen patterns a day to look at, and put some of them in my own list of favourites as well.

But I've noticed something recently that's made me a little sad, and that's the fact that I very rarely leave comments on patterns, even ones that go into my favourites or my queue. That's not cool at all. So I'm resolving to leave more comments on patterns I like! The social aspect of Ravelry is one of its best parts, and I want to make the most use of that by letting designers know when I think a pattern is cute, clever or just plain awesome.

Will you join me?

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A few weeks ago, in the Virginia forum on Ravelry, I 'met' someone who lives in my neighborhood. She was having a bunch of people over and invited me and Pirate-Husband to join in the fun, so last night we headed down the mountain to her house. We had a great time. It's so good to have local friends. I love the internet! We probably never would have met if not for Ravelry.

So I didn't get a lot of knitting done last night, but I do have to say that I love my new lace needles and I will never use anything else for lace again. They are worth every penny I spent on them.

Today, maybe spinning or maybe knitting. I haven't yet decided.

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I had an idea last night for a knitted lace headscarf, the kind you'd wear while zipping along the Oregon coastline in a rented convertible. It would have a long tie that could either go under the chin or around the neck, and the kerchief part would be triangular.

Originally I was thinking that I'd do the long part of it first, then decrease down to a point... but now I'm thinking it might be better to go the other direction: do the kerchief point-up until it's the right size, then add the tie to it afterwards.

It doesn't seem as if there are too many kerchief patterns out there. If I'm pleased with this one I'll put it into pdf format and offer it both here and on Ravelry. If it comes out really nicely, maybe it will be my first pattern for sale rather than for free!

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I considered what I might want to buy at the upcoming Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I must not let myself be lured in by stripy or variegated sock yarns, no! Solids and semi-solids, if I buy any yarn at all. What I'd really like to buy is fiber. I have the wheel, I have the lazy kate, and I have a swift which can double as a skein-winder, if it really has to. Perhaps a niddy-noddy is in order.

I briefly considered the possibility of buying a drum carder for the fiber, then decided that it's probably out of my budget this year. It'd be so convenient for those eight pounds of alpaca fleece, though! I've got my "wish list" narrowed down to either a Strauch Finest or a Pat Green Deb's Delicate Deluxe - has anyone reading owned/used either one, and can you give me recommendations? It's tough to decide, but I think I'm seriously leaning towards the Strauch. (Eventually.)

Then I considered splurging on the drum carder. If I don't buy anything unnecessary for a few months, I could do it. But I'm not a big fan of spending big chunks of money, and I did just buy a house. On the other hand, this is something I want, and if I stop wanting it, then I can resell it.

I considered saving my money and not going to Sheep and Wool at all, but that was silly and I didn't consider it for very long. Although not buying a drum carder means I can buy another guitar that much sooner.

I considered whether to head up there by myself or to see about going with any of the local knitters. I had a great time with Janis last year and I'm sad that she can't go again this year, though I completely understand. Maybe next year!

I considered whether I should try to meet Jess and Casey of Ravelry fame, then decided that if I do I do, and if I don't I don't. While I'd like to meet them, I'm sure thousands of other people at the festival would, too. Will they remember me? Doubtful. Is that time I could spend shopping for yarn and fiber? Absolutely. On the other hand, I'd love to be there for the Ravelraiser! prize drawings; I donated money to the cause and I'm sure we've raised well over $60k by now. Isn't that amazing? Ravelers rock! (And so do the prizes, but I didn't donate just to win something. I donated because it's a kickass website and I'm happy to support it!)

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It's not that I don't like knitting heel flaps, exactly. It's that I like knitting the rest of the sock so much better. I did get eight rows into it last night (of thirty-six) and I even remembered to bring it with me to work today (though I may have made plans to go out for lunch) and I do want it done before the weekend, so I can bring the sock to my parents' house and work on it without having to keep picky count of how many rows I've done.

Knit a row, mess with the new projects-by-year pages. WordPress's recent upgrade has me a bit frustrated; it's no longer a simple thing to see a page's ID number, but I need that number in order to include a page in the sidebar. I only went back to 2006, although I started knitting in the beginning of 2004. I wasn't the best at keeping track of my projects back then, though.

Knit the return row, adjust the queue a little bit. I re-ordered, took out some projects that I know I'll never do, and tried to assign yarns from my stash to the planned projects. I ran into the problem of having purchased stripy and variegated yarns, but having queued up socks that would look best in solid or semi-solid yarns. My solution will be to knit the stripy stuff first, empty out my stash, and then buy new solid/semi-solid yarns.

Knit a row, read the forums.

Knit the return row, check the blog stats.

It's no wonder that heel flaps take forever. :)

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