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Seven years ago, I bought the world's ugliest yarn (I love it though) intending to knit a pair of EZ's "Nether Garments", because what could be cozier than woolen long-johns? Except it never happened, possibly because every time I thought of starting the project, I thought about how long it would take... and put it off again.

Then I got a knitting machine, and thought "wow, this will make it so easy to make a pair of pants!"

How wrong I was. The knitting machine makes short work of knitting pieces of fabric that might be pants legs; it does not make it any easier to fit a pair of pants to my body.

I picked out a pattern (the "Lounging My Best Life" pants) and knit a gauge swatch - and for a wonder, I got it right! (The pattern is written for a mid-gauge machine and mine is a standard gauge, but if I loosen it to tension 10, this 6-ply yarn will go through.)

Since I'd never made pants before, I thought I'd follow the pattern exactly as written (even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't fit) and then make adjustments from there. Here's the first leg knit up, minus the ribbing at the cuff, which I'll handknit after I know the legs fit - isn't it perfectly 1970s?

One pants leg, unseamed, lies at full length on a wooden coffee table. The stripes are an incredibly garish collection of 1970s colours: mustard yellow, brown, steel blue, and some jacquard-looking stripes as well.

What it's not, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, is perfectly fitting. It's quite a bit more high-waisted than I want... and I don't seem to have nearly as much curve in my hips as the pattern seems to think I will. I took measurements and tried again.

My second try (not pictured) is closer, but still doesn't fit. I knit both legs and basted the seams so I could try them on, then took more measurements and attempted to draft a pattern in Designaknit. Then I set everything aside for a while until I could stop being mad at it. Once I get over the disappointment, I'll try on the pants once more to make sure I've noted everything I want to change in the fit, and then I'll wind up the yarn and give it another shot.

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The polar vortex is one of the main topics of conversation lately. Even here in Virginia, for much of the past month we've been bundling up in hat and scarf and gloves, and school was canceled several times simply because it was too cold. Of course, the subject of "how to keep warm" comes up often, especially with folks who've never lived in northern lands. Long johns, of course, are helpful - I have some really great UnderArmour cold gear that makes me feel like I'm wearing a superhero costume - but then the idea of merino long johns was brought up.

I immediately thought of the Nether Garments.

That sent me scurrying off to Webs where I bought, on sale, four balls of Online Supersocke 6-ply in this most awesomely terrible colourway. It's so bad, it's good. I actually love mustard-yellow, even though it's a colour I can't wear near my face or I look as if I'm just getting over the flu. On my legs, it should be just fine.


This is gonna be amazing.

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