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Back in December, inspired by this project and how much I enjoyed making the Rook for Grandma, I started a Rainbow Rook while on a train ride. I had two balls of Knitpicks Chroma Worsted, one in grey and one in "Prism", the most rainbow of their colourways. ("Lollipop" and "Rollerskate" were close contenders for this one, but I went with the rainbow after much consideration.)

Rainbow Rook

I love the yarn (even if it doesn't seem very durable - it's a 70/30 wool/nylon blend, but a very soft single, and I think it will pill) and I love the spike stitch. I love that the pattern is completely reversible. I actually love this pattern enough that I could see making a third scarf, one with offset spikes. And, obviously, I love the long gradient stripes. That reminds me to work on my Stripey Striped Socks! Those need to be finished.

Rainbow Rook

Yesterday I had another train ride, another 4.5 hours to while away with yarn, and I was able to almost finish the scarf before I got to Washington. "You did that all on the train?" the conductor asked me. "You're good, I'm impressed!"

This afternoon, after my first day on the new job, I came home and crocheted the last few stripes. And now, though it's the middle of June and I've no need of it whatsoever, I have a new scarf! It needs to be blocked, still, and I'll try to get a better picture after it's come off the blocking wires. I would have arranged it artistically on the rocks, but it's been raining and so that seemed like a bad idea.

Finished Rainbow Rook

P.S. Yes! New job! I'll be doing web design sorts of things, which will severely cut into my knitting and spinning time. Obviously I'll just have to be more dedicated to it (and blogging) in the evenings.

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Last week we had a spectacular snowstorm here in the mountainous DC suburbs. The whole city shut down, as it does at the mere mention of the word "snowflake," but everyone east of here seems to agree that the storm itself was anticlimactic. After two days of being told "A foot or more of snow! It's the snow we haven't gotten for two years, all at once!" people were hyped up for it.

Well, perhaps closer to the city the storm was insignificant, but up here on the mountain we got a foot of snow in the low spots, and 18" in the high spots... and we lost power for six hours or so when a snow-laden tree gave up and fell down across the lines.

Snowed In

What's a yarn addict to do, snowed into the house with two cats and no power? That's right, dose the cats up with catnip and crochet for a few hours.

Rainbow Rook

I'm really enjoying this project. It goes fast, the colours are simply beautiful, the spike stitch is showing up perfectly on the stripes, and for some reason the cats leave crochet alone more than knitting.


This last picture is also available in giant 4000x3000 (3.8 MB) if anyone wants to use it as their desktop background. Enjoy!

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I enjoyed making the Rook Scarf for Grandma so much that I immediately wanted to make one for myself, but I wanted the spike stitch pattern to be a little more noticeable. In looking through the pattern's other projects, I was drawn to this awesome rainbow version. I ordered two skeins of Knitpicks Chroma, one in Prism and one in Grey. I started the scarf on the train between Washington and Connecticut, and beg your forgiveness for the washed-out colours of the photo - between the phone's camera and the poor lighting on the train, it was hard to get it accurate.

Rainbow Rook

The yarn itself is pretty nice. It's a loosely spun worsted weight singles, and it's very, very soft. Unfortunately I get the feeling that it's going to want to catch on everything and will probably end up pilling after only one or two seasons, but I'll enjoy it until then!

Meanwhile, in the colourful department, I found myself in need of new suitcases and could not resist the pink polka dots. There is something about having a matched set of suitcases that makes me a little bit giddy. I feel so coordinated!

Matched Luggage

Also in the colourful department, a new car! My little Mazda wasn't really capable of handling the mountain roads in wintertime, so with some wistfulness but no regrets I traded her in for this orange beauty. We've already been on our first road trip together, and she's a delight. Even if I'm still getting used to her clutch.

Subaru XV Crosstrek

Here at the tail end of winter things are seeming pretty grey, so it's nice to have a few shots of colour to liven things up a little bit.

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Well! I am back, after a completely unplanned and unexpected hiatus. I haven't been doing very much knitting (or spinning or crocheting) lately, to be honest... and I think that's a rotten thing. So I'm getting back into it! There's something finished to show off:

Rook Scarf

Way back in 2008 I bought three skeins of Noro Silk Garden at WEBS. For the longest time I didn't know what to do with them. I thought of making an entrelac scarf, I thought of making something with stripes. I thought of lots of things, but none of them seemed right. And every time I looked at the yarn, I thought "These really are Grandma's colours, aren't they."

So I went looking for a suitable pattern and found the Rook Scarf. Then I had to run out and get a set of larger crochet hooks, and there was no waiting - I was so excited that I made a special trip to the artsy-crafts store for them.

The scarf took under a week to crochet, and then it lived on my mantel (where no cats could shed on it) for a while, waiting for its ends to be woven in. Pirate-Ex came by the house for one reason or another and I showed him the scarf without any more comment than, "Look what I made!" His first response was, "That's nice, but... those are really much more your grandma's colours than they are yours."

And so they are.

Grandma's Scarf

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