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About three and a half years ago, Pirate-Husband cracked up his motorcycle and a couple of ribs. While we were in the doctor's office waiting for the x-rays to come back, I was working on knitting a sock (that ended up not fitting, but whatever) and he asked me if I would knit a pair of socks for him. I found it hard to say "no" to a man in a hospital gown, and eventually ended up making him a simple pair of brown socks, which he loves. In real life one isn't shorter than the other, I promise. It's just that one sort of slouched down when I took the picture.

Two weeks ago Pirate-Husband was in a car accident. Does this mean I need to make him another pair of socks now?

Here's a picture of the results of a Miata kissing a Mercedes. Pirate-Husband is fortunately mostly undamaged. We spent a very un-fun afternoon in the ER of our local hospital, and this week he was seen by an orthopedist. The news is good: he's only got a bruise on his knee that goes down to the bone, but nothing that won't heal in a few months. Nothing was broken, there was no blood inside or out, and although we don't know much due to the hospital's privacy policies, we are thankful that the driver of the Mercedes was also not seriously hurt.

Our Miata's been totaled, of course, and I'm pretty sure the Mercedes was as well. People keep asking if Pirate-Husband's next car will be larger. He laughs and answers that his small car sacrificed itself to save his life, so why would he get anything but another Miata?

I do already have the yarn that will become his next pair of socks - this Opal Rainforest yarn in the Tiger colourway that I searched for years to find, and finally bought from a Raveler on the other side of the planet. Pirate-Husband likes tigers and I thought it would be neat to knit him a tiger-striped pair of socks. I'm not starting them just yet since I'm enjoying knitting for myself so much right now, but they're definitely in the queue! I bought two balls so that we could have matching tiger-paw socks. I'm cute like that.

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"What have you knit this year?" Pirate-Husband asked me last night.

A Cunning HatFirst there was the Jayne hat that I knit from Knitting Ninja's pattern for friend Otel. This was a quick project. I had to borrow needles for it, which have since been returned. Although I probably have enough yarn for a second hat, I need to get the right size needles before I can knit it up. Not that I know anyone who wants a Jayne hat... I already have one, and Otel is the brownest browncoat of all my friends.

With the Buttons Then a Baby Surprise Jacket for friend Gwen's second baby, a little girl. I loved the 100purewool yarn I used for this project; it is so soft and easy to work with! The pattern got tricky a few times, but with help from Ravelers I worked through it. I finished knitting only minutes before my deadline, but Gwen loved the sweater. It should fit on her daughter right about now; I'd love to get an 'action shot' from her to post.

Garter Rib Socks Something for myself, a pair of Garter Rib socks! The pattern is from Charlene Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks". I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the basics of sock knitting. These socks were knit up in Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock lightweight, and I was short by about ten yards. Fortunately a kind Raveler had some extra in the same colorway that she was able to send me.

swiffer_bottom Something for the house, a quick and easy Swiffer mop cover from Noelle's pattern. This project took about six hours, which is about my tolerance for knitting with cotton. I plan to make several more of these, with an additional pattern repeat so that when the cover curls, it goes over the edges of the mop instead of under. Pirate-Husband mopped the floors this past weekend and was disappointed to find that the cover I'd made had been used but not yet washed; he used one of the disposables instead and afterwards said that mine worked a lot better!

pirate-husband_socks3 I'd promised Pirate-Husband a pair of socks last November, and in July of this year I finally delivered. He has very wide feet and I was concerned that I'd run out of yarn, after my experience with the Socks that Rock, so I didn't make the socks very tall. I had a few yards left over at the end, so I guess it worked out just right! He wears them often, especially now that it's cold out, and I know he'd love to have another pair.

Baby M Blanket After I finished Pirate-Husband's socks, I cast on for the second baby knit of the year. This one was for friend Asa's second child, but as she hadn't chosen to find out the sex of the baby, I had to knit a gender-neutral blanket. Feather and Fan seemed fitting, as did these muted colors. Once again, I finished knitting the night before I needed to give the gift. Once of these days I'll break that habit.

bloosocks_complete I sure didn't break the habit with the Bloo Socks, knit in Trekking XXL for friend Michael. I finished these in the afternoon and gave them to him that very evening. I also didn't learn the lesson of splitting the yarn in half before beginning; I used more than half of the 100g ball on the first sock and had to frantically call yarn stores all over the country to find another ball in the same dye lot. I'll be writing this pattern up in the near future, as soon as I work out the heel and toe numbers in other sizes. There is a shortage of fine-gauge sock patterns out there. These were knit up at 45 stitches to 4" on US size 0 DPNs.

Silkie Glove 1 Mom's gloves will probably be the last completed project of the year. Her birthday present is knit up of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie Socks that Rock in Ravenscroft. She'd requested a colorway that would go well with both her black wool dress coat, and her green winter jacket, so what better than a black yarn with subtle greens that glow in the sunlight? I am using Marnie MacLean's Hooray for Me pattern, just making full fingers instead of partial. I'm sure she'll love them; I just hope they fit!

Eight projects in 2008, not a bad tally! In other accomplishments, I read 23 books in the past year, and I learned to spin on a wheel. Pirate-Husband commented that I should knit more for myself, and I want to commit more time to spinning as well. Those will be my goals in 2009!

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Pirate-Husband has a brown outfit which looks really good on him: a dark brown shirt with white pinstripes, tan slacks with a brown belt, and brown shoes. The other day he wore this outfit and, in spite of it being July, his new brown socks. He came home from work and told me that he'd shown everyone in his office the socks, and that they perfectly complete his outfit.

I couldn't be more pleased! "I'm so glad you like them," I said to him.

"How could I not?" he kvelled. "They're awesome!"

"Maybe what I should say," I said, "is that I'm glad they fit you so well. I was a little worried about that. If they didn't fit you, you wouldn't like them so much. There are some tweaks I'd make if I knit you another pair--"

He interrupted, "If? IF you knit me another pair?"

"Yeah, IF," I laughed, "after the Bloo Socks, the colorwork bag, the sweater for myself, the sweater for you, all the other socks I have queued up, the other swiffer cover, the hats, the baby blanket... IF I feel like knitting anything after that, I MIGHT make you another pair of socks." (Of course I'll make him another pair eventually, but now that I know his measurements it can be a surprise!)

Then we started talking about the yarn he owns, with which he'd planned to knit himself a hat. I asked if he was going to bring it on vacation but he said no, he’s waiting until one of those winter days when we’re snowed in, and then we can sit together on the couch, light a fire for warmth, and I can show him how. He says he doesn’t see himself ever being a crazy addicted all-the-time knitter like I am, but he does want to knit his own hat just to prove that he can. I think that’s fantastic.

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It took just over two months for me to knit this pair of socks for Pirate-Husband, though I did work on several other projects at the same time. He had requested socks just after crashing his motorcycle last fall, and how could I say no to a man with broken ribs and a totalled bike, sitting miserably in a hospital gown waiting for x-rays? Of course I couldn't, not when he was complimenting me with "you've gotten so fast with your knitting!" and "I'm so impressed with the socks you knit."

They fit him fairly well, though I think next time I'll measure and make the heel flap higher to avoid some of that rippling over his ankle. I didn't consider that his feet are not just proportionately bigger than mine; they're actually shaped differently as well! They'll go down in the book as experimental socks. Now that I know his size, I can start playing around with different stitch patterns. (I do have lots of other socks in my queue, so it may be a while before he gets a second pair... but you never know!)

I'm going to keep these (size 1) needles free until the sock class I'm taking with Cookie A. in September. They're holding up pretty well; one of them is starting to curve but it's not significant enough to warrant replacement just yet. So that leaves me with the Pomatomus and the Ostrich Plumes scarf in progress, a commission for another Swiffer mop cover, and a simple pair of socks in Trekking XXL on size 0 needles coming up as my vacation knitting for which I've yet to swatch. I have to remember to print out some notes and instructions before I go, or I'll forget which side of the gusset gets which kind of decrease again. You'd think I'd remember that by now!

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My new Addi turbo lace needles arrived yesterday, before I even got the tracking number for the package. Turbo shipping for turbo needles, I guess! ...okay, that was a bad joke. Anyway, I had time to do a couple of rows on the Ostrich Plumes scarf, and already I'm in love with these needles. When I get home from work I'll try a pattern row!

Pirate-Husband's socks are coming along as well. I'm a couple of inches past the gusset decreases and can knit in the car again since I don't have to look so closely. I'd like to have them done before I go on vacation next weekend.

And, someone on an IRC channel I frequent has commissioned me to make a Swiffer cover for her! That seems like it will be good vacation knitting along with the next sock.

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My least favorite part of the socks, the heel and gusset, are done! Last night I cranked through the rest of the gusset, remembering about the extra decrease on the second side, and now it's just inches of mindless stockinette 'til I get to the toe.

I love casting on for new projects, and I love finishing projects, but between 75% and 95% of a project always seems so slow. That's why I'm only working on this sock right now, never mind the other two projects on the needles, the tempting roving, or the as-yet-undetermined baby gift that needs to be done by early October. I just want it done with - not only because it's a relatively quick project, but because I can't wait to see the socks on Pirate-Husband's feet!

And because I want something else to write about.

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Yesterday I gave car-knitting a shot on the way to and from work. I've never been able to read in the car without getting lightheaded and headachy. Once I was able to knit on a larger-gauge hat project in the passenger seat, but yesterday I had some trouble with the socks. Ah well. Maybe once I'm past the gusset and don't have to look at it so much, it'll be easier.

Inevitably I end up picking up one more stitch on the second side of the heel flap. I figure it's no big deal; the last decrease round will only decrease on that one side. I wonder why it happens, though. I pick up stitches through every slipped heel flap stitch, and always there's one extra. Maybe that's a natural extension of knitting in the round, the second side has to be one row taller than the first.

While I really want to get this sock done (so I can start on the next one) I've also been wanting to spin lately. I spun up half the BFL roving that I bought at MD Sheep and Wool this year, and I should probably do the other half in a similar weight. ...and then both skeins will go on the Etsy store, I think. That is my eventual goal - to spin sock yarn for myself, and other yarn to sell. I don't expect to get rich, but if I can make the hobby pay for itself, that'll be enough for me.

I went through all the new sock patterns I've queued up and assigned most of my sock yarns to the future projects. There are a few I left unassigned, so I can do whatever I like with them, muahaha! Okay, it's the short-yardage multi-colored yarns that I love but have no plans for yet, other than being sure to weigh and split the skein before starting, and working toe-up.

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The heel on Pirate-Husband's second sock was completed last night. Since it wasn't my turn to drive to work (hooray for carpooling!) I got several rounds into the gusset. I expect to do more on the way home this afternoon.

I spent quite some time yesterday searching for the perfect sock pattern for the next pair, which are going to be a gift to my best friend. Originally I'd wanted to surprise him, since our feet are the same size, but then I felt the need to ask how long a cuff he'd want. Once the surprise was ruined, I started asking him all sorts of questions from the exact height of his heel to what sort of sock he might like to wear. I think we've settled on Mr. Pitt's Socks from Kaitlyn Wong at Sassy Stitchess. They're simple, easy, and subtle - just the thing! I'll be using Trekking XXL in colorway 71, which is shades of blue.

While I was going through sock patterns, I added eight (!) more to my Ravelry queue. I don't have the yarn to knit all of them yet, but I will eventually! There are so many things I want to make and not nearly enough time to make them all.

I also added this reusable Swiffer cover from Noelle at Strange Yarns ;; Skull Charms. After years of wanting one, I finally got a Swiffer WetJet last weekend, but the disposable pads annoyed me. Why use disposable if it's not necessary? I'm going to break my yarn diet just for the cotton yarn that I'll need for this pattern. It's cheap and also I plan to use it right away, so it won't be taking up space in the stash-basket. (Not to mention, I mopped the floors with one of the disposable pads that came with the Swiffer, and they look so good that I'm tempted to mop again sooner rather than later.)

The unfortunate thing is that there are no conveniently-located Michael's or Joann's stores near me where I could get the Sugar & Cream yarn. I'm debating ordering it online; even if I pay for shipping on it, it might come out to less frustration than trying to drive into town. There's a Michael's "coming soon" to a shopping center relatively near me, but even that's still ten or twelve miles away, and it'll probably be another year before the store is open.

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Last night I started on the heel flap for Pirate-Husband's second sock; I got seven rows in before a late dinner and early bedtime. Hopefully this afternoon I'll be able to finish the flap and possibly even the heel turn! He is looking forward to having the socks complete to wear with his brown sneakers. Black socks look so silly with brown shoes!

I'm planning the next sock, to be made with blue Trekking XXL (colorway 71). It's a gift for someone else, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it with any stitch pattern or just do ribbing on the cuff and stockinette the rest of the way down. I guess it's really up to him, since it's not a surprise sock.

And then there's Cookie's sock class that I'm taking in September! I have an idea for a stitch pattern but I need to swatch it out before the class. Since the stitch pattern I have written down is for flat knitting, I'll have to convert it for in-the-round and then see how it looks, as well as taking gauge measurements. I'm thinking of using either the Tess Super Socks & Baby in amber (450 yards) or the Ellen's Half Pint Farm in very green (500 yards) for this design. Either way, I plan to weigh the yarn out in advance and wind it into two even balls. I recently got a kitchen scale and I'm thrilled to think that never again will I have to wait until the toe of my second sock to discover that I've not got enough yarn.

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Actually, I spent more time in the airports than I did on the airplanes, but I got a good three inches of Pirate-Husband's second sock done while I was waiting for my delayed flights. I got a couple of comments in the airport:

First, an older woman who said, "That's lovely wool. Is it wool, or something else? It looks very soft." I explained that it was 75% wool and 25% nylon, and offered her the ball of yarn, but she declined to pet it. Shortly thereafter she and her husband went in search of someone who could tell them why the flight was so late.

Then, a couple of girls, I'd guess in their late teens or early 20s, who had never seen anyone knitting in real life before. They were amazed that I could make socks from string. So much so, in fact, that when a friend joined them, they pointed him at what I was doing and told him how cool it was.

A lonely thirteen-year-old waiting by herself for an hours-late plane said wistfully, "I wish I had something like that to do while I wait."

I had no trouble with security or with dropped stitches either - which makes it a good flight, even if it was so late.

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