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Last night, just before bedtime, I grafted the toe of Pirate-Husband's first sock and interrupted his viewing of a Superman movie (I couldn't tell which one) for him to try it on. It fits almost right, which is good enough for a first try. He seems to be quite pleased with it!

Tonight I'll take a picture of the first sock and cast on for the second. If I make another pair for him, I will remember to make the heel flap longer to reduce the wrinkling across the top of his ankle. I understand why that happened now, so I can fix it for next time.

I have so many plans and projects lined up; I just have to keep reminding myself to take 'em one stitch at a time. Eventually they'll all get done somehow!

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On a whim, I slipped Pirate-Husband's sock in progress over my foot last night. It is definitely too big for me, but it seems to be proportioned well. I really want to get it done, at least the first one, so I know if I've got the right size/number of stitches - but it's been too hot to think about knitting. The heat indexes for the past couple of days have been over 100 degrees (38 C)!

Fortunately, with the air conditioning in my house now working, and the breeze that comes off the mountain, it hasn't been too terrible. I've been keeping up with exercising, even if it does take time away from knitting and spinning.

So there are about five inches left to go on this sock, which means that if I really put my mind to it, it can be done in the next week or so. Yes, I could drop out of life and finish in two days, but that's not really an option!

Plus, the Pomatomus sock has been glaring at me lately. I'm hiding from it.

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I had over an hour yesterday to do nothing but sit and knit, with no interruptions, so I powered through the rest of the gusset decreases on Pirate-Husband's sock and got about an inch past them and into the foot before I had to put the sock down. It seems so big compared to the socks I knit for myself, but then again, his feet are a lot wider than mine!

Now it's just knit, knit, knit again down to the toe. I'm rotating the work by five stitches every few rows to prevent laddering. I put a safety pin in the work before doing any rotating, so I know where I started. Since there are twenty stitches on each needle, it will be easy to tell if I've got the sock properly aligned before I start the toe.

Hope it fits him... *fingers crossed*

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While Pirate-Husband worked on rebuilding the fish pond yesterday (with help from a friend), I sat on the deck, switched CDs as necessary, made sure they were drinking enough water, and knit on his sock. I am in the middle of the gusset decreases now, and the pond is being filled.

There was a semi-local SnB today that I wanted to go to, but thought it would be better for me to stay here and work on the house. We have guests next weekend, a wedding to attend the weekend after, and Pirate-Husband's mother and younger brother are coming to visit the weekend after that! Still, I really would have liked to have gotten the chance to meet some of the people who were planning to be there today. Ah well, I know it'll happen eventually.

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Pirate-Husband finally agrees that the legs of his socks are long enough. I held one up to his actual leg last night and pointed out that its top matched exactly with where the sock he'd been wearing left a line just under his calf muscle. Tonight, the heel flap (and I'm not sure it's a coincidence that I mis-typed "hell flap" first). It's an 80-stitch sock, so I'm planning a 40-row, 40-stitch flap, based on the fact that my last sock was 72 stitches and I did a 36-row, 36-stitch flap which came out just right.

Cookie A. will be teaching a sock design workshop in September at Nature's Yarns in Fairfax, and I got the last spot on the sign-up sheet! I'm so excited. It's a 6-8 hour class, and includes lunch. I'd already been pondering some ideas for designs, but I'm sure this class will give me the kickstart I need to put my ideas together into an actual sock!

I want to knit now.

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Staycation, n. - A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer.

Knitting was put on hold for a week while out-of-town friends came to visit. We spent two days visiting local wineries and three working on the rebuilding of our koi pond. It's going to look so good when it's done! Overall it was a wonderful time, even if it was mostly yarn-free. (One of the wineries was selling alpaca yarns. I didn't buy any.) I got to show off the new drum carder and spun up half a bobbin of some pepto-pink practice wool to demonstrate the wheel. One friend even commented that the BFL I spun up looks "store-bought"!

I did get a little more done on the first of Pirate-Husband's socks and I'm almost up to the heel flap (he keeps saying I should make the leg a little longer) and I'm already thinking about what the next socks will be! Too many projects, not enough time.

Besides, I have all these non-yarn hobbies. I got a mountain bike and I need to start riding, I miss playing guitar, and I haven't drawn anything in a long time. There's a computer to rebuild and I'd like to start work on a story that's been brewing in my head for a while. The house is a constant project. Lest anyone think I'm complaining, I'm not! I love my life. It's everything I've been wanting forever. Good job, good house, good husband, good friends, good hobbies. I just wish I could do everything at once!

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This is the beginning of Pirate-Husband's Plain Sock. It's made with Regia 4-ply in colorway 1039, a manly brown-brown-black. I did 20 rows of ribbing (an inch and a half) and now it's a long stockinette journey to the heel.

I shouldn't be working on these at home; they should be my traveling sock. I should be working on the Pomatomuseses or the Ostrich Plumes scarf. But I'm tired, and they're easy, and I want to give Pirate-Husband his socks sooner rather than later. My feet can wait for Pomatomii and that scarf may be done before I'm 40, but at this rate I'm not sure!

Someone else offered to wind off some Pirate's Booty for me. Knitters are the nicest people! I let her know that I'd already spoken to someone and expected the yarn next week, and thanked her profusely. I can't wait for those socks to be done. It's like they're taunting me with their unfinishedness - just a few rounds to go, and they sit on my desk glaring at me for abandoning them. It's not their fault. They don't know that I'm waiting for their toe-yarn to arrive.

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Firstly, an awesome person from Ravelry was able to help me out with the Pirate Booty yarn. She has a whole skein but small feet, so she asked me to estimate what I needed and she'll mail it to me. How great is that? I did the math and came out with ten or twelve rows remaining, so I told her that I guessed 12 feet would be enough. I hope that's enough. I'm nervous now that it's not, but I didn't want to ask for more than I needed! Anyway, I expect that to come in the mail sometime next week, and then I can get this sock done.

Also, I am getting started on Pirate-Husband's Plain Socks. I'm using Regia 4-ply in a marled brown/brown/black colorway, and just doing plain top-down socks with a flap heel and gusset. I measured his feet yesterday and took a gauge swatch off some other Regia socks I made. 9 stitches to the inch, times 10 inches around his feet, minus 10% for ease, gives me 80 stitches (okay, 81, but 80 is a nice round number). These should go pretty fast! I'll take pictures when there's something to show.

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Janis wrote,
I think self-striping sock yarns are a good standby for when you need a mindless knitting project. That way they look fantastic in just a plain stockinette. *enables*

Janis, I love you, but have you seen my stash lately? I so don't need any more self-striping sock yarn! I do love the plain stockinette sock, and I'll be making a pair for Pirate-Husband out of some brown non-striping yarn, but then I have six balls of stripy stuff, three balls of Trekking which may or may not be considered stripy, and three skeins of variegated stuff. That'll keep me busy for a while, don't you think?

Last night I sat down and put a couple of rows onto Pomatomus. I'm almost done with the second pattern repeat on the leg. One more to go, then the heel, then three and a half pattern repeats for the foot. Once again, I regret having such long feet!

I'd like to think that I'll spend my lunch break putting the heel flap onto the Garter Rib Sock, but I know it's just not going to happen that way. Ah well, there's always post-work time.

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Lately I have been spending more time on Ravelry than actually knitting. This is because I have internet access from work, but I can't sit at my desk and knit. Yesterday I re-organized my stash by breaking apart an entry that included several colorways of the same yarn, and re-listing them separately by colorway. Today I did some queue re-arranging. For those of you without Ravelry accounts, you poor things you, the next few projects include plain brown socks for Pirate-Husband, Clessidra socks for myself, and a Napramach bag (here's a picture of someone else's) for a gift.

I do plan to finish the four projects I have on the needles first, of course.

Then I'd also like to do some work on the progress bars that appear in the right column. There's lots of help available and some wonderful examples of what can be done. I just haven't had the time to work on them yet.

Tonight I'm going to SnB for the first time in a while. I'm meeting another knitter who also recently moved to Haymarket, and I'm quite excited to be seeing everyone again! It'll also be nice to get some work done on the Garter Rib Sock. I've not touched it since I started the Baby Surprise Jacket, which has taken priority for knitting at home. The Sock-in-Progress, whatever it is, is always my traveling project.

There's been so much going on lately that it's keeping me from making significant progress on any of the knitting or spinning projects. I did get a lazy kate but I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. Now that the bedroom is finished (with paint, if not with furniture) I think I'm going to haul the spinning wheel up there. It will make the room seem less empty, and I'm much more likely to spin if it's upstairs, rather than hiding in the basement!

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