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I called the yarn store and verified that they have a Sit 'n Knit on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00. I'm thinking of going there straight from work anyway, which would get me there at around 16:30 - they probably won't mind if I'm a little early! Must resist buying any new yarn. MUST.

There is a week left on my Baby Surprise Jacket deadline. This is really, really not good. I always procrastinate on these things, and then I'm up the whole night before seaming. Maybe instead of going straight to the yarn store, I should go home, get the BSJ, and bring that to Knit Night instead. As long as I remember to keep track of my rows, I think I should be okay. I hope. Maybe. There is a definite tendency to talk more than knit at these things, and to pay more attention to the conversation than to the pattern, and as a result to have to rip back when I get home and find mistakes. So maybe I shouldn't bring it.

Either way, the two conversations on the Ravelry forums which were taking up way too much of my time are now fortunately winding to a close. I guess I'll just have to be disciplined about knitting twelve rows a day on the BSJ, and it will be done on time!

Next time, I start the sweater as soon as I hear about the pregnancy. Next time, I buy only gender-neutral yarns. I have enough yarn left for one neutral sweater and one boy-color sweater. Next time, maybe I'll just start the sweater before anyone's actually pregnant, and then I'll be able to lean back in my chair for nine months, knitting socks for myself, glorying in the pleasure that is a project completed before-- oh, who am I kidding?

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It's not really a return, exactly - I've been getting a few rows done here and there. After a weekend of knitting a LOT, my wrists were really bothering me, so I took it easy for a week. Then this past weekend, I was too busy to knit. Now it's Tuesday, the Baby Surprise Jacket is still incomplete, the shower is coming up, and I'm starting to get stressed over it. If I hurry, I'll hurt my wrists again. If I don't, it won't be done on time.

On Thursday I'm going to check out the knit night at my LYS - it is a store I've been to once because it was far from the apartment, but now that I've moved, it's only about 12 miles down the road. I'm pretty excited to meet some new people! ...and I'll probably bring the sock, since it's my traveling project and I know I can work on it without thinking or having to count rows.

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I am so glad I went to SnB last night. I'd really missed the companionship and conversation - and I made a new friend who lives near me! My favorite parts of going to a SnB are seeing what projects other people are working on, touching the yarn, looking at the patterns, and sharing tips and advice. Though it's a wonderful community, Ravelry doesn't quite give the same sense of togetherness as being in a room with fifteen or twenty other knitters all at once.

It took me about 45 minutes to get home, so insisting on leaving at 8:30 is the right thing to do. That gives me enough time to unwind a little bit before bed. Of course, I didn't get very much knitting done, but I had a lovely salad and glass of wine for dinner, and a ton of fun. I'm not sure if it's realistic to go every week, but I'm going to try to get there as often as possible. Next time, I should remember to bring pictures of the house. Everyone asked me how I like living up on the mountain, and I just grinned and said I love it!

The second Garter Rib Sock is about three inches long now, so maybe I got more accomplished than I thought. This weekend I will be attending an SCA event called Defending the Gate, run by a couple of my friends, and I'm certain that I can make a lot more sock progress there. Since the mother-to-be for whom I'm knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket will be there, and I would like it to be a surprise, I'm going to put that project away until after the weekend.

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Lately I have been spending more time on Ravelry than actually knitting. This is because I have internet access from work, but I can't sit at my desk and knit. Yesterday I re-organized my stash by breaking apart an entry that included several colorways of the same yarn, and re-listing them separately by colorway. Today I did some queue re-arranging. For those of you without Ravelry accounts, you poor things you, the next few projects include plain brown socks for Pirate-Husband, Clessidra socks for myself, and a Napramach bag (here's a picture of someone else's) for a gift.

I do plan to finish the four projects I have on the needles first, of course.

Then I'd also like to do some work on the progress bars that appear in the right column. There's lots of help available and some wonderful examples of what can be done. I just haven't had the time to work on them yet.

Tonight I'm going to SnB for the first time in a while. I'm meeting another knitter who also recently moved to Haymarket, and I'm quite excited to be seeing everyone again! It'll also be nice to get some work done on the Garter Rib Sock. I've not touched it since I started the Baby Surprise Jacket, which has taken priority for knitting at home. The Sock-in-Progress, whatever it is, is always my traveling project.

There's been so much going on lately that it's keeping me from making significant progress on any of the knitting or spinning projects. I did get a lazy kate but I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. Now that the bedroom is finished (with paint, if not with furniture) I think I'm going to haul the spinning wheel up there. It will make the room seem less empty, and I'm much more likely to spin if it's upstairs, rather than hiding in the basement!

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Yesterday was incredibly productive, but unfortunately not with knitting. While Pirate-Husband was up at the house spackling, I ran four loads of laundry and packed eight boxes. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it took a lot of time! A half-hour before bedtime, while waiting for the dryer to finish, I decided that I deserved 30 minutes of me-time and took out the beginning of the second Garter Rib Sock. Two and a half rounds later, my head was nodding and I was forgetting when to knit and when to purl, so I put the thing away and went to bed. When Pirate-Husband came in, I mumbled that sounded like "can you turn the dryer back on?" At least, I hope it sounded like that.

At this rate, the second sock is going to take a lot longer to knit than the first. There is no time to knit today - I need to pick up more moving boxes, get to the polls and vote in the primary, pack up the contents of three bookcases and some more of the kitchen, finish the laundry, and somewhere in there I might like to eat dinner. It amazes me that my parents were able to move to a fixer-upper house with a six-month-old baby (that would be me) and get everything done, and here I am moving to a house that needs relatively little work, and there's still so much to do! Times like these, I'm glad I don't have any kids or kittens underfoot.

I also have a time-based knitting requirement coming up; friend Gwen is expecting a baby girl in May! I'm almost certain that she doesn't read the blog, but I'm going to keep the project a secret just in case. I already have the yarn, and I'm excited about the project. It's something I've never tried before, but I've seen many versions and I love them all. Baby clothes are great knits. They're adorable, and they go fast because they're so small.

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Woohoo! Sock Number One of the Garter Rib Socks is completed! I began knitting super-fast at around 8:30 last night and was able to get the toe grafted and both ends woven in before bedtime. And - the best part - I tried the sock on and it fit perfectly! I have done the one-footed happydance of sock completion, and will take pictures soon.

To avoid second sock syndrome *cough*Pomatomus*cough* I immediately re-wound the remaining yarn into a neater ball and cast on for Sock Number Two. It would be so nice if I had a scale, so I could weigh the sock against what's left and figure out if there's enough. Ah well, intrepid knitting dictates that I charge full-speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes! I got a few rounds done before the cold medicine kicked in and I had to go to bed.

Unfortunately I don't think there's going to be much knitting time this weekend, because we're going up to the house tonight and working like mad. I'm in charge of cleaning the rest of the kitchen and painting the bedroom closets, how fun! Next weekend we are going up to New York for my grandma's 80th birthday party, and the weekend after that is Official Moving Weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting into the house and turning it into my home.

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Being sick is only good for one thing - curling up in front of the computer with a half-knitted sock. I've made some significant progress on it today; there's maybe an inch left before I start the toe. Then I'll re-wind the ball of yarn so it's neat again, and hope that there's enough for the second sock...

I've heard that Blue Moon Fiber Arts is pretty good about sending out little mini-skeins to those of us with oversized feet, so I'm not too worried. If there isn't enough for the second sock, I'll know to make the next pair a little shorter in the leg to make up for it.

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Garter Rib SockI am just past the gusset decreases on the Garter Rib Sock. Here it is, showing its stripy wonderfulness. This colorway should be called Mardi Gras instead of Pirate's Booty - the greens and purples and golds are so vibrant.

Kureyon Sock 188And at last, the Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn is here. It took more than two months from the time I ordered it; there's been an incredible demand for the stuff. I've already seen some really beautiful socks knit out of it, though I've heard it can be hard to get good gauge due to the thick and thin nature of the yarn. We shall see!

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Last night I finished the gusset decreases on the Garter Rib Sock. I took a gauge measurement and re-measured my foot, and I think it will fit okay. If it's a little loose, well, then it's just like all my other socks. Better a little loose than a lot tight! I will try to remember to get a picture of it this afternoon. The colors are really vibrant and I love the way they're swirling around the leg of the sock. I wonder if they will swirl on the foot, or pool.

This week I got a skein of the new Noro Sock Yarn, in colorway 188 - greens and purples. Because green and purple have always been "my colors," I've made a conscious effort to avoid buying too much green and purple yarn. This stuff was irresistable.

Next week I'm driving (again) with a friend up to Canada, and this time we're going to actually stop at WEBS instead of just talking about it. I plan to buy the yarn to make Revolution from the Fall 2005 issue of Knitty. I'm thinking a warm brown for the body of the coat, and maybe a sage green for the accent color?

Tomorrow we're closing on the house. While this project has severely impacted my knitting time, I'm so. freaking. excited. about this. In the fairly near future I will have much more time on my hands and much less spending money... but I've got a serious yarn stash that should keep me occupied for quite some time to come. I'm also going to buy some fiber with my birthday money, so I've kept up on scouting Etsy for beautiful roving. I have a mental image of myself, spinning by the fire, deer cavorting in the yard, a 50-mile view laid out to the east... it's a nice daydream which will be a reality soon!

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It's amazing how easy a pattern is when you follow the right numbers, isn't it? Last night I got the heel turned and all the gusset stitches picked up. Once the gusset is (mostly) done I can take another gauge count and decide if I want to decrease a little further than the pattern calls for, or leave it as-is. The gauge I seem to have, combined with the measurement of my foot, put me right between one size and the next. Slouchy ankles on socks are acceptable, even welcomed, but loose socks on the foot are just uncomfortable!

I finally got a chance to wear the alpaca socks that my friend Ky bought for me in Peru last year. She gave them to me in August, a rotten time to wear super-warm socks, and they've been hiding in my drawer ever since - but yesterday was cold and snowy, and I felt that it was the perfect evening to wear toasty-warm alpaca!

There's more good news, too. The yarn that's been backordered since November has finally shipped! Hooray!

Tonight, gusset decreases.

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