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I have really missed knitting on a sock that I like. I like the yarn, I like my size 1 needles, I like knitting stockinette in the round, I like the stripes, I like everything related to this sock. I like that I know at exactly what point in the striping sequence I cast on for the cuff and when I started the heel, so that I'll be able to make the second sock perfectly match the first. Pirate-Husband tells me that I am working some kind of awesome magic to make striped socks line up, and I'm not going to disabuse him of the notion.

While I did get the ribbing done before departing for New York, I like that I knit the entire rest of the sock leg while chatting with my maternal grandmother about her early dates with my grandpa to jazz clubs in Manhattan. It sounds so romantic! She told me that she ordered a "claret lemonade" and now I'd like to try one, just to see what it tastes like. I looked up the recipe: four ounces of bordeaux, one ounce of simple syrup, and 3/4 ounce lemon juice. Hmmm. Could be interesting!

Last night I knit the heel flap and perhaps on my lunch break today I'll turn the heel. I like that I'm gentle enough with myself to recognize when I've sworn to something that isn't working for me, and to change it - in this case to let myself cast on for an enjoyable sock, even though I haven't finished previous projects. It's all good.

I like that the baby for whom I'm crocheting the hexagon blanket was born yesterday. Both mother and child are doing well. (And now I really must get back to finishing up that blanket!)

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I feel guilty for even thinking about it, but I'm considering the idea of casting on a new sock before I've finished the second Stripey Striped Sock. The thing is, I can't really knit on the Stripey Striped Sock for very long before my hands start to ache, so it's not a very good traveling sock at all. But then, I know that once it's finished, I'm really going to love it. The first sock, despite my issues with the yarn, fits perfectly and is delightfully colourful.

I'm going to be hanging out with friends over Memorial Day weekend and I know I'm going to want to have a sock in my hands, so I may be breaking my promise and casting on a simple, 64-stitch, stockinette sock for myself. I'm going to go back to the oldest yarns in my stash, too.

These Lana Grossa Meilenweits are two of my earliest sock yarn purchases. I got them from Red Bird Knits, which no longer seems to be selling yarn, during a "Socktober" sale. One of them is going to become my new traveling sock - but which? I'm leaning towards the brown and gray Magico as I think it will look better in a stockinette, especially the thin jaquard sections. The more colourful Fun and Stripes colourway would probably look good in a simple ribbing as well as in stockinette. Guess that answers that question, then!

I'd like to see just how much of the Stripey Striped Sock I can get done in small bursts. Doctor's appointments, lunch breaks, you name it - I'm planning to pull that sucker out every chance I get. Meanwhile, my plans were shattered on Monday when I went to the allergist and had a perfect twenty-minute window of knitting... during which my hand was numb from the shots and so no new stripes were added to the sock. Boo.

This weekend I've two five-hour car rides to look forward to, along with lots of family time as we're all getting together to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday, so I think I'll bring the Pink Sweater for the car and the new sock for the family time. Yeah, so about that "considering"... I've considered, and decided. There shall be a New Sock!

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