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Despite my careful attempts to keep track of the beginning of each round, I somehow managed to offset the heel of my not-so-quick sock by four stitches. Guess I'll be ripping back and fixing that.

Unfortunately, that might not be happening just yet. The heat in the house is underfunctional - it blows air that is warmer than frigid, but yesterday when I got home from work, it was 63 degrees inside and only 29 outside (17 and -2 C, approximately). At that temperature, my fingers are just a tad uncooperative about fine movements. A repairman is scheduled to come out on Wednesday morning.

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One and a half fingers are done on the first of Mom's gloves. This picture only hints at the depth of color in the yarn. It is absolutely beautiful and a joy to work with. And yet for some reason I find myself procrastinating on the project. I'm pretty sure that's just my natural tendency to procrastinate on anything with a deadline. The last three gifts I knit were all finished just hours before I had to give them. This time, I resolve to get the gloves done well in advance.

Part of my procrastination on the gloves has been because of these socks. They are so mindlessly simple to work on, now that I'm past the heel, that I keep picking them up. That, and it's been a while since I finished a pair of socks for myself. These are so cheerful that I'd like to be wearing them mid-winter, to add some bright color back to the world!

Last night at the company dinner I was talking with some guy I didn't know, one of our company's associates, and he asked me if I had any hobbies. "I knit," I said, and to my surprise he answered "Really? So do I!"

We really are everywhere.

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I decided to take the easy route and just skip the stripe that had had the knot in it, and now I have a perfect short-row heel. I used this tutorial and plowed through it until it was done. It seems that no matter what kind of heel I'm doing, it's my least favorite part of the sock. But now I'm past that and on to the leg! It will be stockinette most of the way up, with some k2 p2 ribbing for the last few inches.

Tonight there will be no knitting; I will be attending my company's Winterholiday Party at La Bergerie in Alexandria. I have been told that the food there is magnificent, and I'm looking forward to it! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the hour-plus drive it will take to get there.

And tomorrow, I'll get back to my mom's gloves. We've scheduled a family Chanukah get-together for December 28th, so that is my deadline to have the pair finished.

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Because it would be a pain in the butt to try to measure out a length of heel color stripe against another stripe, I think I'm just going to start the entire heel over with the next stripe in sequence. Not only will this be easier than measuring, but it will be easy to reproduce on Sock #2.

Today, I was complimented on the policy I have on the Highwayman Armwarmers pattern: Distribute the pattern freely but don't sell it. You may sell armwarmers made with this pattern if you give me credit for having designed it. Since I don't plan to make and sell armwarmers, it's not taking any money out of my pocket if anyone else wants to do so. Feel free! Have at it! Enjoy!

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There I was, knitting the short-row heel on my Quick and Easy Sock, when - a knot! Not just any knot, but one followed by a color change! Not just any color change, but one that was out of sequence! And not only that, but the color sequence reversed afterwards!

I cut the yarn at the knot and re-wound the rest of the yarn so that the stripes would appear in proper order, then went back to knitting the heel. About halfway through it I realized I was going to be off by one or two rows, which would throw off the striping from this sock to the next.

So I figure I have three choices:

a) ignore it and knit on
b) add extra of that stripe to the heel of the second sock
c) rip back and match the yarn lengths up better

Choice A, ignore it, will be the easiest to do now, but the mismatched stripes will annoy me for the life of the socks. So much for choice A.

Choice B will save me some time now, but it will be fiddly later and difficult to get the exact lengths right.

Choice C, on the other hand, will be fiddly now but save me time later, and I think I'd rather save time on the heel of the second sock. By that time I will be ready for the socks to be *done already* and might not have the patience to futz around with getting just the right amount of one particular color into a heel. Besides, it seems like the right thing to do. A mistake is made now; fix it now. Other than the annoyance of having to rip back, it should be pretty easy to get the end of the one with the knot lined up with the end of the --

Oh no. What if the heel stripe wasn't full-length? What if the knot wasn't at the end of its color change? Okay, I can do this. I'll rip back to the beginning of the color change and measure it. But that won't work if it's not full length, will it. HA! I will measure it against the length of the next color change! Yeah! Could this BE more fiddly, on something that's supposed to be a Quick and Easy Sock?

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Here are the completed Bloo Socks. I used Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program to start off, but had to make so many changes to it - first the number of stitches I cast on, then the ribbing, then the heel numbers, the decrease type, the toe... Enough changes were made that I feel comfortable writing up what I did as an original pattern. I will call them "Brother's Socks" and hopefully knit a test sock for myself before releasing the pattern in two sizes. The Bloo version will be the large at 96 stitches, and medium will have 88. Maybe I'll figure out the numbers for the heel and toe at 80 stitches for a small size as well. It'll probably be another freebie pattern, as I'm not sure it's complex enough to charge any money for. What do you think?

This is how far I got in three days of on-and-off knitting on the quick pair of toe-up socks I'm making for myself. It took a couple of tries to remember the trick of doing a figure-eight toe, but once I got all the stitches arranged on the needles it was full speed ahead! I got lots of comments about how fast it was going. That's the thing about stripy socks, at least for me. I want to knit as fast as I can to see how the stripes will come out! I had expected them to be narrower, but they're coming out at around five rounds each. When I start the second sock I'll do my best to start in the same place so they match. These definitely pass my "blue jeans" test for hand-knit socks, but I'm sure I'll wear them to work under skirts as well.

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After Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's house with 21 people in attendance, I went back to Grandma's for the evening with my brother, his wife and daughter, and Pirate-Husband. We all stayed up late talking, and I cast on for a quickie sock.

It was too late and too dim to work on the toe of Michael's Bloo Socks, so I pulled out this Cervinia Forever and did a sixteen-loop figure-eight toe. Grandma watched as the stripes appeared, amazed that it was so neat and so even. Over the next couple of days I knit probably two-thirds of the foot. Compared to the Bloo Socks, it's going so quickly! But that's no wonder - it's 64 stitches compared to 96, and straight stockinette compared to ribbing.

On Friday morning I confirmed plans to see Michael that evening, and settled in to finish his socks. I should have timed it, but I knit while we were talking and I'm sure that slowed me down a little. Even so, it was a quick finish. I grafted the toe and sent him a picture, then that night handed them over. Action shots are pending!

I do have to write up the pattern for the Bloo sock and knit a pair for myself to test it out, because at 11.25 stitches/inch I'm not sure I'll have any takers for test-knitting. I think I may call it "Brother's Socks" or something like that.

Today I'm going to get back to work on Mom's gloves. I'd like to have them done before the next time I see her, which is in a few weeks for Chanukah.

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