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louet-gems-fingering_cherry-redWhen I pulled up the driveway this afternoon, I could see it on the front steps - my package from Discontinued Name Brand Yarn! I tore it open as soon as I got inside. Wow, this is red. It's very red. It's very, very red. I love it, partially because no one expects me to be the sort of person who'd wear something very, very red.

2005_pink-pants-phillyI like doing things that no one expects me to do. About five years ago at a convention, I complimented a friend on her pink cargo pants and added, "I would so wear a pair of pants like that." Twenty heads swiveled around and what seemed like twenty voices chorused in unison, "You? YOU would wear PINK pants?" I went home from the convention and bought a pair of pink cargo capris. Here is photographic evidence of me wearing the pinkness in Philadelphia the following summer.

Anyway, it might be some time before I start the huge task of knitting the Rhiannon socks. I have three pair of socks on the needles as well as some other projects, and at least one piece of babywear queued up (the baby's not even a glimmer yet, but I know he or she is going to be announced relatively soon). But they're right up there. I'd like to have them done in time for next September. That gives me a year. I should be able to knit them in a year!

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I know I said I didn't need any.

I know I said I would only buy yarn at festivals.

I know I have enough yarn, especially sock yarn, to keep me knitting for at least five years.

But I didn't buy any yarn or fiber at Pennsic, and yesterday there was a sale on Louet Gems Fingering at Discontinued Brand Name Yarn, which is just the stuff I need to make Cookie A.'s Rhiannon socks. I could not resist the incredible price of $3.49/skein, marked down from $13.95/skein, and so I bought five skeins in *cherry red*, which should be the most awesome color for knee socks ever.

RhiannonI bought this pattern (the picture is from Cookie A.'s site) back in September, when I attended her top-down sock design class, and I've been waiting for the right yarn to show up ever since. Nothing was quite right - it was too expensive, it was the wrong color, it had the wrong feel to it. But now I've got the right stuff! It may take me forever and a day to knit these monsters, but I am really excited about them! Doesn't everyone need a pair of cherry-red knee socks? I'm already daydreaming the outfit to go with them - maybe one of those cute flared black skirts, a blouse with just the right red to match. Most likely it'll take me as long to find the right pair of shoes as it will to knit the socks, so I'd better start looking for those now. It's not always easy to find affordable size 10.5 shoes that aren't terribly ugly.

Pirate-Husband thinks that I should wear them as thigh-high socks with the tops unfolded. I'm not so sure, but he can be awfully convincing sometimes...

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