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Last night I finished the first of the Rusty Stripes socks, and I tried an afterthought heel for the first time. With an afterthought heel, you knit in a piece of waste yarn where the heel will eventually go, and keep knitting the rest of the sock. That way, you don't break up the stripe sequence with the yarn used for the heel. After the rest of the sock is done, you pick up stitches around the waste yarn and discard it, then knit a heel into the hole created. Here's the sock with stitches picked up, ready for its heel:

Putting the heel in

Here is the finished sock. If my feet were fractionally shorter, the heel would be perfectly lined up with that stripe. Ah well, can't have everything!

Rusty Stripes Sock

The pattern I used was actually for a top-down sock, but I changed it to be toe-up because I didn't know how far the yarn would go. I did have enough yarn to make the sock a little taller, but I wanted to get the colour of the heel right - so I stopped where I did, and I think it looks just fine.

I did have a bit of a gap where the heel connected with the rest of the sock. On one side I used the yarn-tail to sew it shut, and on the other side I pulled the stitches tight to close it up. I'm not sure if this is just what happens with afterthought heels, or if I did something wrong - but it looks fine now, so it doesn't matter! I'm sure it will even out more after it's washed, too.

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Tropical Storm Andrea is making its way up the coast and it's a cool, rainy day here. I'm working on the Rusty Stripes sock with the new aluminum needles, and the cats... well, they've gone into double-decker mode.

double-decker cats

They look so cozy and warm. I can't really say I blame them.

double-decker cats 2

This afghan needs to be replaced as it doesn't actually belong to me, so I have to decide if I'm going to make another ripple blanket (iconic! traditional!) or do something modular like this mitred squares pattern. There are pros and cons to each, and I really can't decide! Which would you make?

Floyd and Kipling seem to like the ripple, but I'm pretty sure they'd like mitred squares just as much.

double-decker cats

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Yesterday I needed to do some grocery shopping, and my supermarket is in the same shopping center as a Michaels. I was just going to see if they had good afghan yarn, because I'm planning to make a new couch-blanket for Kipling. Then I was just going to take a look at the Sugar 'n Cream colourways, because I'm out of variegated washcloth yarn. Then I saw this yarn, and I'm sorry to report, dear readers, that I said some unprintable words about Patons, right there in the aisle, for continuing to make sock yarn in colours that I cannot resist. The colours, and having a 50% off coupon in one's pocket tends to make resistance a little... well... futile. As they say.


Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, in the "Rusty Stripes" colourway, came home with me yesterday. I called it a treat to celebrate almost having a new job! And after very little resistance, plus some advice from my #ravelry IRC friends about how Kroy is thicker than "standard" sock yarn, I decided to start a toe-up sock on US 2 / 2.75mm needles. I started with a fourteen-loop figure-eight toe and increased to 56 stitches, and knit all evening at Neighbour Sarah's house whilst drinking beer.

This morning, tragedy struck.


That is - that WAS - a Brittany birch needle. I commented to Sarah last night how I felt it flexing while I was knitting, and this morning it flexed just slightly past its breaking point. Well, I've another 50% off coupon in my pocket, and I'll be right near another Michaels this afternoon. How about some aluminum needles, this time?

The tricky part will be refraining from bringing more Kroy yarn home with me, especially now that I know how fast it knits up. Broken needle aside, do you see how much sock I knit in just one night? That's a lot of sock! That's only an inch or two from the heel turn. In just one night! Yup. Resistance is indeed futile.

(I should mention that Brittany needles are guaranteed for five years, and I've already filled out the replacement form. That is good customer service!)

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