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Janis asked,

So the important question is, what spinning and knitting will you be bringing to Pennsic?


kureyonsock2For knitting, I will bring the Noro Striped Socks. I'm up into the leg of the first sock, and would like to get them finished, but honestly - they're not holding me. Counting five rounds of stockinette stitch over and over is sort of dull, and I will be glad when they are done. I was also thinking about bringing the green yarn for the "Verdant" sock design that I started in Cookie A.'s class, and working on that. Or perhaps I could bring some Trekking XXL and work out the heel numbers for the fine-gauge rib pattern that I used for the Bloo Sock; then I'd have heels for two sizes and could publish that pattern, which will be called "Brother's Socks".

bullens-wullens_falkland2For spinning, I am definitely going to bring the Bullens Woolens fiber that I picked up at MDSW. There are four ounces each of Falklands and Merino/Silk, and I'm going to spin for a fingering weight with one ply of each. I will almost certainly take another braid or three of fiber with me. I decided against the batts that I carded and the "Starry Night" roving; I don't want to mess with weighing anything. If I spin from braids, I can just fold them into half or thirds and tear. They'll be even enough that way.

There will undoubtedly be fiber in Merchants Row to purchase, but it may or may not need processing before I can spin it. I seem to remember some silk hankies last year... in colors that I didn't care for. Maybe if I get there as soon as they open, I'll have better luck this year!

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kureyonsock2For the Stripey Striped Socks, I'd planned to use Wendy's Fingering Weight, Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel. As I got closer to the heel, I didn't like the idea of stripes going around the gusset. They don't always look right where the increases are made. And I'd been almost entirely happy with the fit of the Quick Toe-Up Socks. I wanted to tweak the pattern a bit to see if I could make them fit perfectly. I decided to do another short-row heel, this time over 60% of the stitches rather than 50%. The heel isn't striped, but I think it will look nifty as a gradient in contrast with the rest of the sock's stripiness. I only wish I'd done the toe that way, too! At two rounds past the heel it's too soon to try on for fit, but I expect that the leg will go quickly enough.

Today is Spinning Tuesday! I plan to finish the second bobbin of my potential sock yarn. I say "potential" because even though I started spinning with the idea of making sock yarn, I think it may end up being too heavy for socks. If it does, it will be a great drop-stitch scarf and I'll try again for sockweight with the next fiber.

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kureyon sock 1This is as far as I got with the Kureyon sock on the airplane. I love watching the stripes emerge, the subtle shifts of colors that lead to new interplays. Figuring out how to carry the unused yarn up five rounds without having it show through is interesting. I'm not sure I'm doing it right; the floats are longer than I'd like, but so far nothing peeks through. So far, I really like this yarn. Except for the knot, but I was kind of expecting that. It's certainly not as soft or squooshy as, say, Dream in Color's "Smooshy", but it's not as rough as sandpaper, like some people have said. And while there are some underspun places, I haven't had trouble with the yarn drifting apart.

napramach 1So this is what happened with Napramach: the first row in the chart has two stitches and doesn't say anything about increases. The second row in the chart has four stitches. Figuring that meant I'd have four at the end of the row after I did the increases, I bravely knit on... and when I got to the colorwork, I was short by two stitches. I ripped back to the beginning and did an increase in the first row, so that I'd have the proper four in the second... and when I got to the end, I had an extra two stitches. So I just skipped the increase in the last row, and I'm sure no one will ever know the difference. I plan to line the bag with something gaudy, preferably a camel print. Riya will absolutely love it.

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My trip to Canada was excellent, partly because of the Fleep-Tops (Warm enough, only because it was relatively warm there. I rate them as good for 35-45F.) but mostly because I was with some of my best friends. We ate stew, we drank beer, we played Munchkin. I knit some, too - I cast on for a sock in Noro Kureyon while in the airport waiting for my flight.

My ball of yarn weighed light at only 84g, which is probably because it's so ridiculously dry up here, and there was a knot at the 39g mark with a color change. So now I have one 39g and one 45g ball, and I decided to start with the smaller. I'm working toe-up to get the most out of the yarn, and striping every five rounds because there's no way I'd be able to get the color transitions to line up properly. Striping makes a non-matching pair of socks into a matching pair! (I know, I said I was going to knit Thermal Socks, but I changed my mind.)

Now that I'm home, I've cast on for Napramach. This is the most complicated thing I've ever tried. I'm eight rows in and stymied - how do I not have the right number of stitches? The chart makes no sense to me. I've posted for help on Ravelry, and hopefully will get an answer soon.

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