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I'm just past the gusset decreases and into the foot of the first Timey-Wimey Jaywalker, and very near the toe of the second Sibling Sock, so I've swapped them out: the Jaywalkers are going to become my traveling sock and I'm cranking away on the Sibling sock right now, hoping to finish it (and the pair!) tonight. Pirate-Husband and I are going to be at a party from tomorrow morning into Monday afternoon, so I should be able to put a few more inches onto the Jaywalkers then. One of the goals of the gathering is to fell three large trees, something I'm just not physically up to right now, so I plan to knit and watch stronger people swing axes and wield chainsaws.

The math to convert my Fleep-Tops to a larger size for Michael was giving me fits. I mis-read my notes, then I mis-judged, and then I mis-calculated, but eventually figured out what to do. The numbers should all be right now, but there's only so far I can go before I'll want him to try them on for perfect sizing. Once I have the first one done, the second will be much faster.

Happy news: I just found out that my friend Angie is pregnant with her first! She's only seven weeks along, but I'm already planning out what to knit for her. I ordered the yarn from WEBS this morning, and downloaded some patterns from Ravelry. Knitting babyclothes is total instant gratification!

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I'd been putting off writing out the pattern for the Sibling Socks for too long. There were a few portions of my notes that made sense to me, but I knew that I'd have to be more clear if I wanted to share the pattern. So after I made myself sit down with my notes and just write them out already, I felt that I deserved some kind of prize for getting the pattern published and released into the wild.

There are some things I'm already wondering about - should I have made the heel flap longer on the larger size, or is that the kind of thing that knitters will adjust based on the sock's recipient? Did I describe what I meant clearly enough? Are there any horrible mistakes or typos? I'm sure it will be just fine, and if it's not, then surely the first few people to knit the pattern won't hesitate to let me know if I've made an error.

My reward for publishing, with some poking from my sister the Ninja, was to cast on for a new pair of Jaywalkers with the Felici Time Traveler yarn. First, I figured out that if I wanted the socks to match, I'd lose the least amount of yarn by starting with the red stripe. Then I cast on and worked on the cuff while we watched Saturday Night Live. I knit while we watched the F1 race in Monaco, I knit while Pirate-Husband watched the Mazda MX-5 race at Virginia International Raceway, and I knit (and drank beer) while he played Assassin's Creed 2. I haven't had a whole day to just sit around and knit in a long time. It was lovely.

I like the Felici yarn, but I'm not yet sure if I love it. It is soft and it smells nice, but it feels just slightly thinner than what I think of as 'standard' sock yarn like Regia, Lang, or Lana Grossa. So far I've had minimal trouble with it being splitty, even in working the double decreases. The real test will be how well the finished socks wear, but they're going so fast that it won't be too long before I find out. (The socks are further along than this now, but it got too dark to take good pictures.)

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I came home from the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival with $40 still in my pocket, but I knew that I wasn't done shopping. I'd kept my eyes open on Saturday for the perfect sock yarn for Mom, and hadn't found it - so I ordered the Cascade Heritage Paints from WEBS in the Isle of Skye colourway. It's the perfect bluesy colours for her, with just enough variegation to be interesting but not enough to stripe or pool. Admittedly, I didn't look very hard for her yarn at the festival, because I was kind of set on getting this brand. I've knit with it before and I trust it to be good. While I'm willing to take risks on my own socks, I'm hesitant to do so when I'm making a gift for someone else. Especially when that someone else is a little bit skeptical about hand-knit socks in the first place. (It's sad that my LYS didn't have the colourway I wanted in stock; it's even sadder that it cost the same to order it from WEBS even with the shipping. Why is the yarn marked up $3.00 at the local store? I want to shop locally, but sometimes money matters.)

Then I went over to KnitPicks to check out the new colourways of their Felici sock yarn, and for the first time, one called out to me and *needed to be mine*. The name of the colourway is "Time Traveler". I've been catching up on back episodes of Doctor Who (why I haven't watched it before is a mystery to me) and I just had to have these socks. The description makes them even better:

Wear these brightly striped socks whether you are going to the office or traveling through time and space. Time Traveler is a colorful mix of purple, tan, red, gold, ivory, and gray stripes. While you can knit some really really long socks, this colorway will not create socks that are larger on the inside than they appear on the outside.

Even better than the description, my sister the Ninja has bought the same yarn and we're going to have matching socks! She says the colours are perfect, and she should know, 'cause she's working on one of those extra-long stripey scarves right now. We've decided to both knit Jaywalkers, because then the stripes will be sort of straight (like the scarf) and yet wibbly-wobbly at the same time. This is going to be awesome.

As long as I was already shopping at KnitPicks, I bought a set of sock blockers (in large, for my long feet). I've been wanting them for a while, primarily for taking pictures of finished socks. It's not always easy to get good pictures of one's own feet!

(a note: the two pictures of yarn are from the WEBS and KnitPicks sites, respectively.)

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