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Closeup of the bind-off edge of a blanket, where it transitions from double-knit to single stranded.

In Which the Pirate Is Warm.

First: my new Warmer Fleeps are, indeed, warm enough! The exact shape of the mittens could use some adjusting (the mitten top needs more overlap, and the thumbs are too long) but we walked half a mile to breakfast in 14°F (-10°C) weather and none of my fingers froze. Nice. Second: I got to finally wear my Breathe and Hope shawl in public. We...

Pirate modeling the Breathe and Hope shawl

In Which the Pirate Takes Pictures.

I actually finished the Breathe and Hope shawl two weeks ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures of it! The shawl took about two months to knit, although of course the actual knitting time was much less than that. I went through spurts of working on it for hours at a time, and then doing other things for a week. The navy...

A closeup view of the green and blue stripes in the shawl. Horizontal stripe sections alternate with vertical.

In Which the Pirate Breathes and Hopes.

The “Breathe and Hope” shawl caught my eye, and not just because everyone else is knitting it – I love the alternating directions of the stripes, the texture of the pattern, and the option to make the stripes subtle or striking, depending on the yarn. I chose a skein of Cascade Heritage in Navy to be the solid background to a skein of Zen...