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A handknit brioche baby blanket in gradient stripes of greens, pinks, blues and purples. It is 30 inches wide by 33 inches long. 0

In Which the Pirate Finishes a Blanket.

First project of the year is off the needles: the brioche baby blanket is done! It came out a little bit longer than I’d planned, but I wanted to use the full colour repeat on both balls of yarn in order to get a fully reversible blanket in both directions. The two-colour brioche was a lot of fun to knit: just challenging enough that...

A brioche baby blanket in gradient stripes of greens, pinks, blues and purples, next to the two remaining balls of yarn for the project.

In Which the Pirate Stripes a Blanket.

The brioche blanket continues… I’m just over the halfway point (where the colourways crossed, in the dark blue section). The colours are even more vibrant in person, and I am really enjoying knitting this. It’s been a perfect project for knit nights and football games, because it doesn’t take much attention. Except for the brief moment where both strands of yarn were the same...

A brioche knitting project in progress. On one side, it is ribbed in pink with green and blue in the background. On the other, it is green and blue ribs with pink in the background. The balls of yarn, showing the gradient from green to blue to purple to pink, are lined up on the table.

In Which the Pirate Works on a Blanket.

A friend announced that she was expecting, and my first thought was that I should knit a blanket – because even though I’d long sworn off any obligation to knit for babies, that was before I had a knitting machine, right? I could crank out a blanket so fast, I told myself. It’ll be like nothing, I said. No problem at all, I said....