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Two skeins of pale pink handspun yarn rest on a sun-and-moon print fabric. There is a penny tucked under one strand for scale. 0

In Which the Pirate Spins With the Tour.

First, my Tour de Fleece success for the year! I finished spinnning the first eight ounces of the “Cabbage Rose” merino, plied it, washed it, and skeined it. It’s about 900 yards in two skeins, looks just like fingering weight yarn (measures at 16 wpi), doesn’t feel too dense, and seems to be exactly what I was going for. The camera really doesn’t capture...

Three bobbins of finely-spun yarn rest on braids of the same fibre. In the background, a spinning wheel and yet more of the fibre.

In Which the Pirate Spins.

I’ve been steadily working on a new spinning project – a pound of pale pink wool. At 40 WPI, this is going to take a while. Daily progress pictures wouldn’t show much, but here is the first four ounces spun up, and the next four ounces ready to go…