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Two bright blue socks stretched over blockers on a wood background. The socks have a twisted stitch ribbing pattern running all the way up the foot and leg.

In Which the Pirate Finishes.

The second pair of socks in the Twisted Trilogy is (finally) done! This one is knit over 72 stitches, because that’s how the pattern and my gauge worked out. I’d like to try to figure out how to fit it into 64, so I can offer the pattern in two sizes, but I’m not seeing a way to do that neatly. Ah well. Originally...

A blue sock in progress, with a newly turned heel, on a striped navy and white background

In Which the Pirate Turns a Heel.

No matter how many times I do it, I’m always amazed by the magic that is turning the heel. It might even be my favourite part of knitting a sock. Not to be a nudge, but the Crossing Trails Hat pattern is still on sale for 20% off and still raising funds for the Cancer Research Institute. Thanks to you, we’ll be donating more...

The start of a blue sock, showing a ribbed cuff and the beginning of a wavy stitch pattern.

In Which the Pirate Has a Gauge Issue.

I’ve been working on a new sock pattern. Here’s a sneak peek (kinda-sorta): Neat, eh? It’s a twisted stitch pattern that gently waves its way down the leg and foot of the sock. I really like it; I think it works well with the tonal blues of this yarn. Over the weekend I got down to the toe, and tried it on before grafting,...