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The pieces of a stripy sweater laid out on the floor as if they were sewn together. The stripes are gray, blue, and green - on the sleeves the gray stripes are wider, and on the body the blue stripes are wider. 2

In Which the Pirate Has Pieces of a Sweater.

Well would’ja look at that, it’s a stripy sweater! All four pieces are done. I basted them together and tried on the sweater, and it doesn’t not fit! It may be one stripe longer than necessary, and there may be a little weirdness with slight tension differences between the blue yarn and the others, but I made a sweater! Well, almost. I still have...

Two white and two navy blue skeins of sock yarn. They are neatly tied and folded, but the yarn is squiggly from having been knit and unraveled. 2

In Which the Pirate Swaps Stripes.

Remember that time I knit a sanquhar-inspired scarf with little skulls hidden in it? It’s not that it was a bad idea, it’s that my execution was off, and so was my estimation of whether I actually wear scarves. I’ve been looking at this thing all winter going “okay, but it’s too long and too thick to be comfortable, and not only does my...

Tension swatches of yarn in medium gray, kelly green, and navy blue. 2

In Which the Pirate Starts a Sweater.

It’s (finally) time for a machine-knit fingering weight sweater! I chose three yarns out of my stash – two skeins of gray, one of a bright kelly green, and one navy blue. First, swatching. I tried each of the three yarns on tensions 5 and 6, and decided that T5 felt better, and was less see-through, without being so stiff that it won’t feel...